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Australia Census: Nearly One Third Identify as Having 'No Religion', Christians Drop by 36 Percent

The Guardian reported that the “no religion” category includes atheist, secularists, and those who are agnostic. What is more, since 1966, the … Related posts that might interest you: New on the Guardian: Non-Religious Theists New on the Guardian: How Atheists Die New on the Guardian: Civil Rights and Corporate Power New on the Guardian: Atheists …

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Textbook Regression: Turkey's anti-Semitic Onslaught Against Evolution

A couple of years later, the website of famed evolutionary biologists, most notably Richard Dawkins, were blocked after Adnan Oktar, a fierce advocate … Related posts that might interest you: Dawkins Denied: Secular Sexism Finally Has Consequences The One-Percent Difference Movie Review: Arrival Daylight Atheism Is 10 Years Old Weekend Coffee: December 13 Read more of …

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